Dr. Ishbel Duncan

School of Computer Science

University of St. Andrews

North Haugh, St Andrews, Fife KY16 9SS


I have several research interests in Computer Security, sepcifically but not exclusively: 

Basically I am interested in what can go wrong and where, and whether it is possible to predict a failure and then protect the system under attack.

I am developing a model of autonomic security protection; feedback loops from software and statistical sampling

in order to create a self protecting system. 

Perhaps this will be the M5 of the security world, and not surprisingly there are many concerns, caveats and controls and the future is cloudy.

 I have had several PhD students but those working in security related topics include: 

Some of my Computer Security related research papers:

What’s The Premes behind your Pattern (PLOP 2015)

Intelligent Biological Security Testing Agents (IEEE SERE 12) 

Thinking Towards a Pattern Language for Predicate Based Encryption Crypto-Systems (IEEE SERE 12) 

 E-voting in an AmI world: Trust, privacy and social implications (Social Science Computer Review 2008) 

Agent Testing in an Ambient World (PTI-AI06 Workshop on Privacy, Trust and Identity Issues for Ambient Intelligence in Pervasive 2006 Workshop) 

Electronic Voting in the UK: Current Trends in Deployment, Requirements and Technologies (Third International Conference on PST 2005)  

         Updated March 2016.