Dr. Ishbel Duncan


School of Computer Science

University of St. Andrews

North Haugh, St Andrews, Fife KY16 9SS


E-mail: ishbel dot duncan @ st-andrews dot ac dot uk

Phone: +44 1334 46 3270 

Fax:   +44 1334 46 3278

Public Resources: 

St Andrews Tour Guide
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What is a Technical Essay

Research areas: 

More specific research information can be found here:

My School duties include:

My Current Research Students: 

Previous Research Students at St Andrews:

I am a caseworker and Vice President of the UCU in St Andrews. My duties are as follows:

Recent Research Papers: 

Exploratory leaning in the ViStA Immersive Environment(CSEDU 13) 

Intelligent Biological Security Testing Agents (IEEE SERE 12) 

Thinking Towards a Pattern Language for Predicate Based Encryption Crypto-Systems (IEEE SERE 12) 

Requirements for Educational Support Tools in Virtual Worlds (CSEDU 12) 

Taxonomy of Virtual Worlds in Education (BJET Jan 2012) 

Taxonomy of Virtual Worlds in Education Bibliography (November 2011) 

Emergent Requirements for Supporting Introductory Requirements (ITALICS Feb 2011) 

Energy Preservation in Environmental Monitoring WSN (submitted to JCNC 2012) 

Energy Preservation in Environmental Monitoring WSN (IEEE SUTC 2010) 

E-voting in an AmI world: Trust, privacy and social implications (Social Science Computer Review 2008) 

Agent Testing in an Ambient World (PTI-AI06 Workshop on Privacy, Trust and Identity Issues for Ambient Intelligence in Pervasive 2006 Workshop) 

Electronic Voting in the UK: Current Trends in Deployment, Requirements and Technologies (Third International Conference on PST 2005) 

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